"Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty"

As Digital Brand Manager for Matilda the Musical in the UK, it was important that I created a bold, confident and striking site that reflected the Musical’s global brand identity whilst offering the client a refreshed, modern design and build. The site has successfully pushed ticket sales and engages fans with regularly updated content and features.

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The goals

The 3 main goals for this website were to create engaging content, to push specific sales messaging, and to increase ticket sales in the UK. To achieve this the site includes frequent and engaging features such as the Pose Map, Miss Trunchbull Insult Generator and quizzes for users to share on social media. There are also dedicated modules throughout the site that aims to push the latest ticket messaging.


The details

Wireframes & Evolution

The site has been through a few iterations since my original 2012 design. These include subtle but important UI changes to a complete campaign overhaul.

Pose map

Fans worldwide had been sending Matilda 'pose' photos to the show. In response to this we created a 'Pose Map' in which fans could upload and mark where they were taken.

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The Noticeboard

The site features a noticeboard that collates the latest news, features, social media posts and current sales messaging.

Insult generator

Miss Trunchbull is infamous for her insults. We created a cheeky insult generator to engage fans and encourage them to share these across social media.

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