Huntress keep their promises

Huntress work in 3 main sectors (IT, Office Support and Accounting & Finance) which had to be shown off within the design, whilst conveying a wealth of material on job vacancies, news resources and content. The site therefore needed to be clean and user friendly on all devices in order that the relevant material was accessible and usable.

After initial meetings with the client, I presented the wireframes for each page template, sitemap and 2 concepts which evolved in combination to create the final design. Using friendly typography - red and metallic blue tones with plenty of room to ‘breathe’ - I created a structured and modular design that would integrate well with the internal CMS.

Desktop 1
Desktop 1
Desktop 1
Desktop 1

Job applications on the go

The previous Huntress site was not responsive and it was therefore essential the new site was fully compatible as job applications are increasingly being submitted via mobile & tablet. The registration, job search and application process are clearly laid out with quick links for easy access. There has since been an huge increase in mobile job applications at Huntress.


The details

Career path

An animated career path was created to show potential Huntress employee's how they could progress in the company.



Huntress pride themselves on keeping their promises to both candidates and clients, I designed and built a custom slider with iconography to display their service promises.

Office search

With nearly a dozen offices across the UK, a map and search page was created for users to easily find their closest office. Each office has their own dedicated page including contact and consultant details.


With the inegrated CMS I had to design and build the site into individual modules that could be "dragged and dropped" across the site, whilst keeping the design and content flow intact.