Only a few get to the top

Citrus Global recruit across Corporate Governance and Technology, so the site needed to attract and cater for both without prioritising or alienating either sector.

The site was fully scoped out and wireframed prior to design and development to establish the hierarchy of content and site features. After a few rounds of design concepts and moodboards (ranging from citrus fruits to "Rockstar" recruitment) we settled on the concept of 'reaching the top of your career via the help of Citrus'. This was portrayed through high adrenaline extreme sports and mountain climbing partnered with inspirational tag lines.

Desktop 1
Desktop 2
Desktop 3
Desktop 4
Desktop 5

Bold UI

Due to the high powered roles that Citrus recruit for they required a premium look and feel to their user experience and aesthetic. With a combination of on scroll animation, subtle zoom, strong typography, inspirational imagery and a rich colour palette, the site is a pleasure to use on both desktop and mobile.


The details


Citrus Global requested a strong theme and message for their rebrand, I created several moodboards and concepts to discussand pitch before we moved forward with the adventurous theme.

Mountain trek

To continue with the 'reach the top of your career' theme I designed a visual mountain trek to represent Citrus Global's unique recruitment process.


Custom iconography was created for the re-brand and is featured throughout the site.

Tone of voice

As a team, we worked in partnership to strike the right balance with a new tone of voice and inspirational imagery, which resuted in snappy adrenaline filled hero pieces.